Meet Korynn Snidar



I am an Evidenced-based, research-driven Certified Nutritionist & Meal Prep Chef. I have earned two degrees, the first one is from Texas State University in San Marcos, Texas in Communication Studies. My second degree is from Metropolitan State University in Denver, Colorado in Human Nutrition & Dietetics, an accredited school by the Academy of Nutrition. Additionally, I have studied with professional chefs in commercial kitchens and I have completed hands-on culinary coursework for over 450 hours. 



I focus on weight loss through nutrient loading and practicing portion control techniques which develop a sustainable life of intuitive eating for my clients. I have helped hundreds of individuals on their weight-loss and nutrition goals since 2017. I have a deep passion for health and wellness and I believe that health is the key to a happy life. The biggest influence on our overall health are the lifestyle choices we make, I can help you with this.  The truth is there are many different ways to get you the results you desire, but we need to find what works best for you. I have not re-invented the wheel with my program, I provide a foundation of nutrition education, tools, structure, guidelines, and techniques you need so you can maintain your goals long term. ​I want you to enjoy a longer, healthier, and higher quality of life! Yes, all foods can fit into a healthy diet. 

Helping you Overcome Barriers:

This begins with healthy habits, behavior change, and nourishing your body so you feel energized and confident.  I don't believe in a 30-day, get-thin-quick diet that is not maintainable. My clients experience long-term, sustainable, and healthy lifestyle transformations, not a temporary diet. ​I empower my clients to take back control of their lives and offer individual support for keeping you motivated and getting you to your goals! 

I utilize the 80/20rule and believe in BALANCE. This is why I specialize in one-on-one health coaching as your accountability partner and why I created Lovely Nutrition!