FREE Consultation:

Not sure if Lovely Nutrition is right for you? Let's discuss your goals and needs and see if I can help you, 30-minute consultation free of charge!

Macro Consultation: $30


This is great for you if you eat a healthy diet currently, but would like to fine-tune it to obtain a specific goal. You don't need the accountability or support since you keep yourself motivated daily. Your biggest challenge is not knowing if you are on the right path with your nutrition and if it matches your exercise routine. Speak with Korynn to review your current diet and fitness plan. This is an opportunity for you to share with her your current state and where you would like to see yourself. She will recommend adjustments to your current lifestyle to make sure you can reach your goals. Recommendations can be made regarding macro needs and a strategy on how to implement this. This is a 30-minute call. This consultation is NOT intended to design a custom meal or workout plan. She will only give you feedback and consult you.

1-1 Health Coaching:$300

Work with me individually and I will provide you with the support you need to reach your goals. I create an individual meal plan that will help you understand what you are eating and how much you need to nourish your body while hitting your weight loss goals. I will teach you about NUTRIENT LOADING and I will calculate your needs specifically for your body and goals. We will meet virtually or in-person weekly for 4 weeks for 1-1 coaching sessions. I will support you with nutrition education, label reading guidance, ways to manage social events, techniques for stress management, positive self-talk so that you feel in control of your health. BALANCE is the key to your success and I believe all foods fit in-let me show you how! We work on your relationship with food without feeling shameful! We will celebrate your successes and problem solve any barriers or challenges that come up! You will feel accomplished while hitting your health goals and supported throughout your entire journey. Please contact to get started! 

Virtual Group Coaching: $200

Do you need a reset? Feeling tired, pain, inflamed, and want to balance your blood sugar, and hormone levels? Included: 6 nutrition modules (Fats, Proteins, Carbs, Habit and Behavior Change, Portion Control, and how to Meal Prep like a boss!) You will receive one 1-1 consult with Korynn before the course begins, an individual Meal Plan made just for you, portion control nutrients list that will help you become an intuitive eater, community support from weekly virtual group coaching sessions with others just like you! During our 1 hour meeting, we will discuss the weekly module and spend 30-minutes doing Q and A. Having a community support system can make all the difference. Also includes 25+ recipes! Next group starts October 1st.