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Denver, CO

Korynn has been a valuable resource to me as I navigate through changing my eating habits to improve my health. Her meals are practical, based on sound nutritional information and delicious!

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Wichita Falls, Texas

I found Korynn through a decorative painter that I follow on Facebook. This person mentioned using Korynn because of a health crisis she was having at the time and how Korynn had turned her eating habits around. I was immediately drawn to contact her. I've always known that I do not eat well, but never really knew WHAT to eat. There are so many opinions out there, and we are all well aware, that some of those are NOT healthy. So, I bit the bullet and contacted her through her website. I received a quick response and before I knew it, we were visiting on the phone for over an hour. Long story short, that was almost 30 lbs ago in September and I can truthfully say, Korynn has totally changed my eating & health habits for the good. I now know WHAT to eat and how food affects my body in either a good way or bad....and I'm not just talking about weight. If you want to learn about nutrition and how you can be successful and confident with your food choices, send Korynn a message. She's the best there is!!

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San Antonio, Texas

I began working with Korynn just over a month ago. Due to health reasons, I am now following the Autoimmune Protocol and being led and directed and supported by Korynn. She has gone above and beyond in her research and recommendations for me. I trust her fully and could not be happier with her work.

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Windsor, CA

I have been fortunate to have met Korynn through a mutual FB friend. It's funny how things are meant to be. At 55, my body is changing, and it became very apparent that my eating habits needed to change with it. No longer could I continue to eat the same way...having been one of those lucky people all my life who never had to worry about weight. Well, all that has changed. I did not even know where to begin. Korynn took the time to listen and get to know me, my habits, my preferences, my quirks. Together we developed a meal plan that I could actually stick to. 6 lbs down in my first week and a half. This has been a learning process for me, and she continues to be there, a cheerleader, teaching me as I go. Welcome to the new me, the one who is getting healthier, bite by bite, thanks to Korynn.



Denver, CO

I chose to do the class option with korynn. Although I had an extensive history with meal prep, I never wanted to eat it because It never tasted good, and working with her has COMPLETELY changed this. Korynn was so friendly and nice when putting together a meal plan and shopping list for me, and fit in foods that I wanted and left out ones I dont like as much. She came over and showed me how to put together delicious food, in a timely fashion. Although we had a blast she was super professional and helpful! Even now when I have questions or want to change things up, she is always available to help. I love prepping my food now and would not be where I am without her

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