I have been working with Korynn since 2019 -- her positivity is contagious and her knowledge is inspiring. Her guidance has helped me lose 25+ pounds in the last 5 months. For someone with a busy schedule, the meal delivery has been an absolute godsend in helping meet my health and fitness goals, allowing me to have healthy and delicious meals on hand - no excuses! She has helped me understand so much more about nutrition -- things I wish I had known years ago.


The plan she put together for me is dummy proof and oh so easy to use. She genuinely also cares about you and is so excited to see her clients succeed. Working with Korynn would be one of the best investments you could ever make in yourself and your future.

-Chrissy Hand

Korynn’s prepared meals are delicious and nutritious. She is also an amazing nutritional coach. Consulting with her made it easy to get down to my goal weight while building healthy eating habits that will continue to serve me the rest of my life!


Korynn is an amazing coach and nutritionist. Before meeting her, I considered myself a healthy eater but having a plan for my body made a difference. It’s nice talking with another working mom who is understanding and never shows judgment. Her encouragement and positivity have helped me to focus on my goals. I look forward to our weekly meetings for the accountability, discussions of upcoming obstacles, and getting healthy tips and tricks for reaching my health goals. I am so thankful to have found such a caring person with a passion for nutrition.

-Crystal H

Korynn is the best nutritionist and health coach out there! First, she is extremely knowledgeable about food, & diets, and how our health relates to those two things. Second, she is very positive and uplifting as she works with you on your health journey. Third, she CARES!!!! You are not just a client to her. She WANTS you to succeed and be the healthiest you can be and she wants to help you get there. I’m proud to not only call her my nutritionist, but also (after working together for a year) my friend. If you have wanted to get healthier and didn’t know where to start or if you’ve started before and failed, give Korynn a call. SHE’S the secret weapon. She knows what to do, how to do it, and how to help you get there!!!!!

-Denise A


I teach people how to nourish their bodies through portion control, how to balance their

food relationships through #foodfreedom and how to change their mindset 

with #allfoodsfit so they can lose weight, feel energized, and be confident again! 


So...Why is your program different? 


I teach you how to build your own meal plan, create flexibility, make choices for what you want to eat, and eat the foods that you love! With each food category (carbs, proteins, fats) you choose and are in control, I create the framework & path to help you reach your goals. 


I calculate your nutrient needs based on your individual metrics and health goals. I provide a flexible meal plan, the framework for a sustainable eating pattern, and give you the tools you need to implement it.

I DON’T allow my clients to rely on me for the rest of their lives, I teach them the tools and practices to be successful so they can sustain on their own! 


I DON’T create a specific, rigid, “eat this & not that” type of meal plan (these types of plans don't teach us sustainable eating).


You have probably heard the saying “Give a man a fish, feed him for a day; teach a man to fish, you feed him for a lifetime"


That’s my mission       I want to teach you, empower you, and guide you on how simple nutrition can really be. I want to arm you with as many tools as possible to help you create a healthy, balanced, nourished lifestyle! 



So... how does it work?


We start with the Portion Nutrient Cheat Sheet- This is your MVP!! 


Think about how simple it would be to learn your portions if you had it all on  1 page, 1 chart, 1 simple easy to read sheet? Yes- I agree! So I created it so that you don’t have to google your heart out or use another F*** calorie tracking app ever again! 


Then we use the “flexible meal plan” this is based on your INDIVIDUAL needs and goals- Yes, I know what you are thinking - did she put it on the same sheet to make life easy-breezy! YES I DID!

If you have been wanting to LOSE weight with meal prep, this is the easiest way to get your portions into your lunch box! No more guessing!


Ultimately, I want my clients to be able to know their portions after a few weeks, so they will...

NEVER have to diet again! I mean NEVER!!!! 



I provide you with all of the tools...

  • Discover how to read a label and actually understand the grams listed on any nutrition label so you can exchange that food into your meal plan

  • Learn how to make any recipe match your individual portions

  • Enjoy the 80/20 RULE: alcohol & treats CAN fit into a healthy lifestyle, learn how to make portion swaps for these so you can still be a social butterfly

  • Feel supported, educated, and empowered to build an eating pattern that will last your entire lifetime

  • Understand that nutrition is based on averages and perfection is 100% NOT possible, not for me, not for you, not for your neighbor who counts every single gram per gram, its all based on averages, so you can sleep better at night knowing that you just have to get a B+ to see the results you desire!


FREE Consultation:

Still not sure if Lovely Nutrition is right for you? Let's discuss your goals and needs and see if I can help you, 30-minute consultation free of charge! Click Here.


DIY Plan: $189

This plan includes everything you read above- it is perfect for people who already have healthy habits and don't need an accountability partner. You really just need a guide and structure on how much and what to eat. You are looking for the bridge between calories/macros into REAL FOOD. You are a rule follower and thrive on self-empowerment and discipline. I will calculate your needs specifically for your body and goals. This includes a welcome packet with the nutrient portion cheat sheet, individual flexible meal plan, meat & dairy exchange list, conversion cheat sheet for recipes, the "How To" label break down, plus a few added bonuses too!

This plan takes 1 hour to review the step-by-step plan to make sure you feel like you CAN DIY! Call or Virtual appointments. (e-course coming soon)


1-1 Health Coaching:Investment $489

Work with me individually and I will provide you with the support you need to reach your goals. I create an individual plan that will help you understand what you are eating and how much you need to nourish your body while hitting your weight loss goals.


I will teach you about NUTRIENT LOADING and I will calculate your needs specifically for your body and goals. We will meet virtually or in-person weekly for 4 weeks for 1-1 coaching sessions. I will support you with nutrition education, label reading guidance, ways to manage social events, techniques for stress management, positive self-talk so that you feel in control of your health. BALANCE is the key to your success and I believe all foods fit in, let me show you how!


We work on your relationship with food without feeling shameful! We will celebrate your successes and problem solve any barriers or challenges that come up! You will feel accomplished while hitting your health goals and supported throughout your entire journey. Please contact to get started! (Four Coaching Sessions + Individual Plan)

Continued Support:

Four 1-1 coaching sessions: $489

Coaching in-person or virtually, this includes supporting you until you reach your goals and feel confident that you got this on your own! (Four sessions) 

I’ve worked with Korynn since October 2019, and she has helped me lose 20lbs! Her food is amazing and she is great about personalizing a plan that will work for each individual. I’ve tried every diet plan under the sun and this is the first time I feel like I’m making real changes to keep the weight off, that are sustainable! I can’t say enough about Korynn and how awesome she is!

-Haley A

I have struggled with weight loss my entire life. I’ve been up and down and have tried all sorts of things. Low-carb, meal replacement shakes and keto. Once I found the results as soon as I had transitioned off the weight always came right back.

This program allowed me to find flexibility and while enjoying a well-balanced eating lifestyle without feeling guilty with steady results.

-Michael R