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Healthy Eating Made Easy!

Created by a Nutritionist, made with Love!

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Do you want to eat healthier, but don't have the time to cook or prep?

You need help with portions, but have no idea where to start?

I create fresh & healthy meals that you can grab and go! 

Specific Macro-Nutrients calculated for individual needs.

How about a few "fill in" meals, we understand not every week is the same, we offer no minimums or subscriptions! (4 meal minimum for deliveries only)

Enjoy stress-free weekends avoiding grocery stores, recipe-hunts, planning, cooking, & cleaning! 


Fresh ingredients, made from scratch

Plant centered menu

Nutrient dense 



Convenient & easy online ordering

Rotating menu, we promise you'll never get bored!

No minimum orders


Macros & calories provided


Individual plans available*

Portion control for your specific needs

DIY Meal Prep Courses & Membership

Courses Offered:

-Course 1 Pre-requisite to ALL courses: Meal Prep for Beginners 8 meals in 2hours

-Course 2 Meal Prep for Advanced 10 Meals in 2 hours

-Course 3 Individual Nutrition Plan (Includes: 2-virtual consultations with me to discuss your current nutrition, your challenges, and your individual goals) 


-Nutrient Exchange Cheat Sheet (portions done for you)

-Top 7 Kitchen tools YOU need to be a BADASS prepper!

-Access to our Recipe Library (easy to cook and only 15-30min recipes)

-DIY Seasonings Builder (make your taste buds happy)

-My Lazy Sunday Guide to Meal Prep for weeks that are busy AF! 


-Live Meal Prep Courses Monthly: We prep together + grocery list 

-Weekly Q &A Facebook Live Sessions: Ask me anything! 

-Gain an understanding of basic nutrition, portions, and balanced eating to support your wellness goals with prep

**BONUS: Receive 20% OFF Individual Nutrition Plan with Memberships

Cancel at anytime no questions asked! 

Its All about Sustainable Eating with Foods you Love!

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Suzy Schutz

Denver, CO

Korynn has been a valuable resource to me as I navigate through changing my eating habits to improve my health. Her meals are practical, based on sound nutritional information and delicious!

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