Healthy Eating Made Easy!

  • Do you want to eat healthier, but don't have the time to cook or prep?

  • Need help with portions, but have no idea where to start?

  • I create fresh & healthy meals that you can grab and go! 

  • Choose 5, 10, or more meals from the rotating weekly menu.

  • Specific Macro-Nutrients calculated for individual needs.

  • Enjoy stress-free weekends avoiding grocery stores, recipe-hunts, planning, cooking, & cleaning!

Created by a Nutritionist, made with Love!

 The Meal-Prep Nutritionist 


Fresh ingredients, made from scratch

Plant centered menu

Nutrient dense 



Convenient & easy online ordering

Rotating menu, we promise you'll never get bored!

No minimum orders


Macros & calories provided


Individual plans available*

Portion control for your specific needs

Individual 1-1 Coaching

Not a fan of group coaching? That's ok!

  • You're ready for a re-set now!

  • You want to learn how to lose weight and keep it off without eating diet food

  • You're ready to build new habits for lifestyle & behavior changes while having guided support

  • You're ready to set smart boundaries for guilt, bingeing, food, & body shaming

  • You want to gain an understanding of basic nutrition knowledge so your health can thrive 

  • Included: Individualized Meal Plan Builder + Nutrient Portion List to make losing weight easy, and six weekly 1-1 health coaching sessions with Korynn in person or virtual

Virtual Group Coaching​

  • Gain an understanding of basic nutrition & balanced eating with 6 nutrition modules 

  • Develop specific personal nutrition & wellness goals

  • Access our community and receive unlimited support from our weekly virtual meetings in a private group format, you can choose to participate or watch anonymously 

  • Acquire new habits for lifestyle & behavior changes through guided support & coaching

  • Learn how to set smart boundaries for guilt, bingeing, food & body shaming

  • We create a sustainable diet with foods that you love!

  • Includes: Individualized Meal Plan Builder + Nutrient Portion List + 1-hour Consultation with Korynn before the session begins

  •  Q & A: Submit nutrition questions 48 hours before virtual meeting


Denver, CO

Korynn has been a valuable resource to me as I navigate through changing my eating habits to improve my health. Her meals are practical, based on sound nutritional information and delicious!