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Simplifying Your Nutrition Journey

Let me take the guesswork out of eating with an easy step-by-step nutrition plan that helps you find balance with food.


"The Bowl Method"

A step-by-step plan
 for weight loss

Nutrition Plan

Let me guess...

You've tried Paleo, Keto, Whole 30, Macros, and maybe even the Carnivore diet with no success. You have been dieting for a long time, but STILL cant figure out something sustainable. You thrive on structure and just wish someone would tell you exactly what to eat to feel good and still have balance. You want to know ...

How many carbs, proteins, & fats should I be eating each day?

What does a balanced bowl look like?

What should I be eating for breakfast, lunch, and dinner?

What does an ideal day of eating look like for me and my goals? 

Can I still have wine and go out to eat?

What happens if I fall off the plan?

Welcome to The Bowl Method, a revolutionary approach to weight loss and wellness, curated by Korynn Hill, an expert nutritionist and successful meal prep entrepreneur.

At Lovely Nutrition we believe in making weight loss approachable, sustainable, and simple.

The Bowl Method:

Embark on a journey where portions are simplified and nutrition is personalized. The Bowl Method is our unique "PORTIONS DONE FOR YOU" system, designed to nourish your body with foods you love, transforming your perspective from the restrictive "good vs bad" food mentality to a more balanced and enjoyable eating experience.


With The Bowl Method Framework, you will
learn how to:

Be mindful of ingredients and how they all fit into your plan, without fear and restrictions.

Feel vibrant and in control of your food choices.

Build meals that suit your taste and nutritional needs, using a portions done for you cheat sheet.

Gain an understanding of Proteins, Carbs, and Fats, and how much of each works best for your body.

Receive support with an expert nutritionist in your pocket, you can text any questions along your journey.


What you're getting...


Customized Meal Plan: Made specifically for your personal goals based on information submitted from an intake form we send to your email after you purchase.


Online Tutorial: 

Detailed videos explaining your nutrition plan, mastering the portions cheat sheet, and how to implement it in real life. In the videos, I make recommendations for different bowl combinations for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. 

TBM -Packet ideas + Email_edited.jpg

Delicious Recipes: Easy to build recipes, perfectly aligned with your custom meal plan to get you started, with swaps for personal food preferences


Matched Weekly Meals: Weekly Meals that work with and match your custom nutrition plan exactly. Only available in Austin, Texas.

Korynn is the best nutritionist I've ever worked with. I've tried whole 3o, counting calories, counting macros, intermittent fasting, bulletproof coffee, etc. and nothing has worked or given me as much flexibility and balance as Korynn's personal bowl method plan. She helped me get back to my pre-pregnancy weight in less than a month while also keeping my milk supply up for breastfeeding. She's also just an overall human being and wonderful to chat with.

Kavita Patel, Texas


Success Stories

Discover how clients have transformed with The Bowl Method. From significant weight loss achievements to newfound energy, our clients stories are a testament to the effectiveness of this approach.

The Bowl Method 
Nutrition Plan $289

A step-by-step nutrition plan that helps you lose weight with a portions done for you system.

Ready to
transform your
but still not sure if this is your plan?

Take a step towards a healthier more balanced you. Set up a free consultation with Korynn and see if "The Bowl Method" is right for you.

In case you were wondering, Hi! I'm Korynn, an Accredited Nutritionist & Meal Prep Chef.

I have been working with clients just like you for 5+ years, I know how discouraging it can be to read about the latest "nutrition trends" and feel lost. For all of my Type-A clients, who just want to know EXACTLY what to do, this system takes out ALL of the guesswork to build a meal to get you to sustainable weight loss. You don't have to be perfect either, just follow your meal plan and the Portions Done for You Cheat Sheet, Rinse & Repeat.



What if cooking is not your thing?

When you think of meal prepping you have said "I just wish someone could do it for me" then get on my Meal-Prep client list in Austin, we make your meals fit exactly to match your plan! 

The Meal-Prep Nutritionist

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